Going Gluten Free The Mediterranean Way

Going Gluten Free The Mediterranean Way - Kohkoz – Real Lebanese Cuisine

It’s no secret that we love Mediterranean food, AND that we think it is a wonderful diet to choose.

Funnily enough, we’re not the only ones. There is plenty of evidence out there showing the benefits of switching to a Mediterranean diet.

But these days, many people need to consider food sensitivities. You may even need to cut out things like dairy or adhere to a gluten free diet. If that is the case for your family, is the Mediterranean diet a good option for you?

Spoilers… yep, it sure is!

Want to find out how to do it? Then, read on to discover some of the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and inspiration for making it gluten-free too.

Going Gluten Free The Mediterranean Way

What Does A Mediterranean Diet Consist Of?

The Mediterranean diet is based largely on fresh, seasonal and minimally processed food incorporating lots of herbs and spices. Many of the dishes are plant-based, although there is plenty of fresh fish, chicken and eggs in moderation. It also features plenty of legumes like chickpeas and bread and pasta, often made with whole grains, and olive oil.

While red meat does feature it is only in small amounts and is not considered something that should be eaten regularly.

Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet

There are many benefits to eating a Mediterranean diet. Lots of the meals focus on fresh and healthy ingredients to create tasty and filling snacks or meals.
Research has proven that people who eat a Mediterranean diet are likely to have better heart health, reduced cholesterol and reduced risk of diabetes. It can also help with weight management.

And because cooking the Mediterranean way is simple with readily available ingredients, it is an easy diet to follow for anyone looking to improve their health.

How To Make A Mediterranean Diet Gluten Free

At first glance, with its abundance of tasty breads and gorgeous pasta, the Mediterranean diet might not seem like one that can be made gluten free.

But in fact, there are plenty of parts of it that are free from gluten. The fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts are all gluten free anyway, so need to make changes there. And because a lot of the food is not processed the chance for unseen added gluten is minimised.

When it comes to the grains and bread, you can easily swap them for gluten free options. Quinoa, brown rice and buckwheat are good choices for people who cannot tolerate gluten.

Our Favourite Ideas For Gluten Free Mediterranean Meals

Going gluten free is pretty easy when it comes to Mediterranean meals. Here are some tasty ideas to get you started…


Hummus is a marvellous food. You can put it on crackers, use it as a dip or eat it with meats or vegetables. Our hummus is made in the traditional way with dried chickpeas and just the right amount of tahini. Plus, it’s gluten free so you can safely add it to your diet.

You can buy ready made hummus from our shop, or if you’d like to have a go at making your own, check out our recipe for hummus balila - you only need 5 ingredients.


Falafels are little golden balls of goodness! Made from chickpeas and a blend of herbs and spices, falafel is a popular Lebanese street food.

Falafel is often served in pita breads, so to make this dish gluten-free you’ll need to choose gluten-free pitas. But, the great news is that falafel are great on their own too! Instead of putting them in a pita, serve them with a salad of fresh lettuce and tomatoes.


Fresh salads are a great staple part of the Mediterranean diet and provide the chance to get lots of fresh vegetables, and even fruit, into your daily food intake. Choose from your favourites or use our Shanklish Salad recipe for inspiration.

The salad is made with delicious red onion, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese (which like all goat’s cheese is gluten-free) and the flavour-punch, Za’atar spice blend.

Antipasto or Mezze Platter

Lunch is a favourite meal in the Mediterranean and is often the largest meal of the day. So, a dish that can be shared among family or friends is a great option for lunch. Include sliced meat, olives, veggies, and dips like hummus.

Then, bring everything to the table mezze style and enjoy some socialising while you eat. Of course, this can translate to the perfect shared dinner meal also.

Spice it up

A huge part of the flavour of a Mediterranean diet is the herbs and spices used when cooking. And these spice blends are totally gluten free. One of the most quintessential tastes of the Mediterranean is the tangy and aromatic Za’atar blend that can be used in meat rubs, salads, and dips, plus can season veggies, cheeses and oils.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to go gluten free with Mediterranean food. We hope we’ve inspired you to try the Mediterranean way of eating in your home.

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