You Won’t Miss The Meat With These Delicious Vegetarian Meals

You Won’t Miss The Meat With These Delicious Vegetarian Meals - Kohkoz – Real Lebanese Cuisine

Do you find that meals without meat are boring, bland, or unsatisfying? If so, you clearly haven’t experienced the delicious meat-free meals offered by Lebanese cuisine!

Although meat does feature in some Lebanese dishes, there is a vast range of healthy, filling, interesting and oh-so-tasty vegetarian meals to try out - from creamy hummus and smoky dips to flavour-filled falafel and moreish pita bread.

Even better – most of these dishes are simple to create and perfect for sharing.

Plus, they are universally loved, so your family and friends will gobble them up!

If you’re looking for inspiration on what delicious meat-free and vegetarian meals you can feast on, read on – we’ll cover the staple Lebanese foods that you just have to try.

You Won’t Miss The Meat With These Delicious Vegetarian Meals

Lebanese Cuisine Delicious Vegetarian Staples

Not all Lebanese food is vegetarian, but the majority of dishes include an abundance of fresh, healthy, vegetarian ingredients – and many are even vegan friendly. The emphasis is on whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, with olive oil featuring more often than butter or cream.

Not only does this mean Lebanese food is super healthy (read more about why that is on our blog here), but the inclusion of garlic and a range of herbs and spices means there are plenty of delicious meat free meals to discover.

Let’s look at some of the staples:


Worried about not getting enough protein when skipping the meat? Fear not; the humble chickpea is here to save the day. Chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus, making it rich in protein (as well as fibre, iron, manganese, copper, folate, magnesium and more!)

What else will you find in hummus? Very little, yet it is surprisingly delicious. The inclusion of tahini, garlic and lemon juice makes it irresistible. You can scoop it onto your pita, vegetables or crackers for a simple yet filling snack.

Kohkoz creates a delectable, creamy Traditional Hummus to tempt your tastebuds, but if you’re a garlic fan, you might prefer our Garlic Hummus specialty.

Baba Ghanoush

While we’re on the subject of dips, let’s talk about the unmissable tastiness of Baba Ghanoush. Made from smoked eggplant and seasoned with tahini, lemon juice and garlic, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more delicious meat free meals than this!

But can a dip really make a meal? It certainly can. In fact, Lebanese cuisine offers an entire type of meal based around dips and snacks – called mezze.

Get a selection of dips, pita bread and salads on a platter, and you’ve got yourself a mezze. Try our more-ish Smoky Baba Ghanoush here, or sample a range of dips with our Ultimate Dip Back.

Pita Bread

Pita bread is one of the most famous delicious vegetarian meals to come out of Lebanon. (And before you say that bread is not a meal, pop over and check out 8 Creative Uses For Pita Bread You Need In Your Life.)

You can slather it with hummus or Baba Ghanoush, stuff it with veggies, make it into a pizza or chop it up and throw it into a salad, or get the full Lebanese experience by dipping your bread into olive oil before scooping some mouthwatering Za’atar Spice Blend seasoning on top.

Does that have your tummy rumbling? Check out our soft, freshly baked Pita Bread.


Falafel’s are like meatballs - only they’re meat free, healthier, and tastier. Made from chickpeas and seasoned with various spices, these make delicious vegetarian meals.

They’re great dipped in hummus for a snack, stuffed inside a pita, or as the main feature on a plate with salad and pita bread on the side. Try our Golden Falafel Bites to see just how good these little beauties are!


In the mood for a salad but sick of bland, lettuce-filled offerings? Try out our Tabbouleh Salad. This salad is made with diced parsley, bulgur wheat, tomato and red onion. The whole grains make it filling, and the herbs ensure it’s one of the most delicious meat free meals you’ve ever eaten.

You Won’t Miss The Meat!

As you can see, there are so many delicious vegetarian meal options when it comes to Lebanese cuisine. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. You can form lots of delicious meals with these staple items and branch out from there.

Here at Kohkoz, we believe that all food should be tasty and nourishing. Which is why we have spent years perfecting traditional family recipes so that you can share the love on your table also.

So, if you want to create flavour explosions in your vegetarian meals, head on over to our online store to shop our selection. And if you are a meat lover, we’ve also got some options for you too! Shop now.