8 Creative Uses For Pita Bread You Need In Your Life!

8 Creative Uses For Pita Bread You Need In Your Life! - Kohkoz – Real Lebanese Cuisine

Pita bread is a well-loved staple in NZ households.

This traditional Lebanese flatbread has been embraced by the nation, with most of us having enjoyed a classic “pita pocket” or two over the years.

But did you know there’s so much more you can do with pita bread than just stuffing it full of delicious ingredients?

From breakfast to dinner – and snack-times in between – this versatile bread has so many uses that you could eat it every day without getting bored.

Let’s get you inspired with a list of our favourite creative uses for pita bread.

8 Creative Uses For Pita Bread You Need In Your Life!

Pita Pizzas

Go cross-cuisine by using our Lebanese pitas to create Italian pizzas! No need to spend time making your own bases or buying custom-made ones – pita bread makes for an ideal crispy pizza base.

And these days, pizzas are pretty creative themselves! There are any number of flavour combinations you can create. Opt for the traditional cheese and tomato style, or get your gourmet on with blackberry and ricotta – the sky is the limit.

Simply pile on your items of choice and pop it all in the oven.


While we’re on the subject of cheesy goodness, how about making reverse pizza - Mexican style.

Quesadillas are the perfect solution for a quick and tasty meal that the whole family will love. All you have to do is cut your pita into quarters and stuff it with whatever you like before cooking it for five minutes. Pop it in a pan or sandwich press for delicious crisp on the outside.

We love this spicy version with pepper, tomatoes, and salsa.

Pita Chips

A more classic use for pita bread is good old pita chips. These are a healthier – and often tastier- alternative to potato chips.

Simply cut your Kohkoz pitas into small triangles, spray them lightly with oil, and spread them on an oven tray lined with baking paper. Feel free to add flavourings like chopped garlic, salt, spices, herbs, or chilli flakes.

Bake at 180 degrees C for 5-8 minutes and enjoy.

The great thing about pita chips is that they go really well with your favourite dip. Try out Kohkoz Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, or Garlic Dip for an authentic Lebanese taste sensation you won’t quickly forget.

Nachos Pita Style

Got a hankering for nachos but forgot the corn chips? No worries! Grab a pita bread and make your own pita nachos. Follow the instructions for the pita chips above, but add some spice before cooking.

We like the version over at healthyfood.com.

Fancy Pita Bread Canapes

Need some snacks for entertaining? No problem, just use the pita chips recipe above for the base of your snacks and you’ve got fancy wee canapes.

Top your pita triangles with whatever you like. We like the sound of these Slow Cooker Moroccan Bites, and the Cinnamon and Sugar Triangles with Fresh Berries. Yum!

Tacos a la Pita

Any day can be Taco Tuesday, even if you forgot to buy the tacos. Pita bread makes a great stand-in. Simply add your fillings, fold the bread up like a taco, and munch away. You can toast them for the traditional taco crispness, or simply warm them for a soft taco vibe.

Pita Salad Bowls

Serving up a salad with pita on the side? Boring! Why not turn your pita into an actual salad bowl – now that’s genius (and cuts down on the dishes!)

Drape your pita over a small, oven-safe dish so that it forms a bowl shape. If you can’t find anything suitable, scrunch up some aluminium foil into balls and shape the pitas around them.

Bake for 12 minutes, and voila – your own edible bowl to fill with whatever you fancy.

Pita Pockets

Okay, we know this is the go-to pita use, but it’s such an old faithful that we had to include it!

There are so many ways to enjoy a stuffed pita. Cut one in half and cram in the goodness. Or cut it into two circles and fill it with your chosen ingredients. If you are in a real hurry, you could just leave your pita bread whole, throw your bits and pieces on top, and fold it over.

As for ingredients, there really is no limit. Standard sandwich fare is fine, smashed avocado is a popular option, falafel is our fave (try throwing in our Golden Falafel Bites), but we see nothing wrong with more unique combos like peanut butter, banana and apple also.

Find Your Very Own Creative Uses For Pita Bread with Kohkoz

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