Falafel Smash Burger Recipe

Falafel Smash Burger Recipe
Are you ready to take your burger game to the next level? Introducing our irresistible Falafel Smash Burger recipe! 

- Kohkoz Golden Falafel Bites
- Burger buns
- Lettuce
- Tomato slices
- Red onion slices
- Pickles
- Your favourite sauce (such as Kohkoz Garlic Dip or Tahini Sauce)

1. Begin by heating your Kohkoz Golden Falafel Bites according to the package instructions.
2. While the falafel bites are heating, prepare your burger buns by toasting them lightly.
3. Assemble your burger by placing a generous amount of lettuce, tomato slices, and red onion slices on the bottom bun.
4. Once the falafel bites are heated through, place them on top of the veggies, or smash them with a fork first and scoop onto the burger.
5. Add a few pickle slices on top of the falafel.
6. Drizzle your favourite sauce over the pickles.
7. Top it all off with the other half of the burger bun.
8. Gently press down on the burger to smash it together and let the flavors meld.
9. Serve your Falafel Smash Burger with a side of fries or your favorite chips for the ultimate meal!

Get ready to indulge in a burger experience like no other. Whether you're a falafel fan or just looking to try something new, this recipe is sure to impress.