Why Does Everyone Love Hummus So Much?

Why Does Everyone Love Hummus So Much? - Kohkoz – Real Lebanese Cuisine

There is just something about hummus.

That smooth texture, the flavour explosion, the versatility…

It is no secret that we love this delicious ingredient. And it seems that we are not alone. The world loves hummus too!

The rising popularity of hummus has been huge.

So, where did hummus come from, how did it get to be so delicious, and why is it so widely loved?

Let’s answer all those questions now…

The History Of Hummus

Of course, At Kohkoz we think that Lebanese hummus is the best. But, the debate about where hummus actually originated from has been raging for centuries.

The Greeks, Egyptians, Arabs, Palestinians, as well as other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries ALL claim hummus at their dish and have their own versions.

The earliest documented mention of it is in Egyptian culture in the 13th century. It’s likely that Egypt is where it originated as chickpeas grew prolifically and were used in lots of Egyptian dishes. Also, the word “hummus” actually means chickpea in Arabic. So, it probably originated in Egypt and then was imported west to Greece.

But, the truth is, hummus has been made in all those countries for centuries.
Regardless of which culture is making a batch, hummus contains the same key ingredients - chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic. The big differences lie in how much of each ingredient is used and which spices or flavourings are added into the mix.

One thing is certain - every culture is sure they make the best hummus in the world!

Why Is Hummus So Darn Good?

We all know that hummus tastes equally amazing whether you are smearing it on a pita, adding it to a wrap, dipping vegetables or crackers into it, or sneaking a spoonful from the fridge! But, it is not just the flavour that makes it amazing.

Hummus is actually crazy healthy compared to other dips and spreads. Due to its wholesome ingredients, it is low in saturated fat and high in fibre and protein. The chickpeas are packed full of complex carbs, so keep you feeling fuller for longer.

All in all, these healthy benefits make hummus a great addition to any meal or the basis of a vitamin-packed snack.

The Rising Popularity Of Hummus

We know that many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures have been creating hummus for centuries. In fact, as we just learnt, they have been creating it for so long that the actual origin has been lost!

But, how did hummus make its way from Teta or Yaya’s kitchen to our local supermarket refrigerators?

Well, for a start, this awesome spread is great for lots of dietary reasons. It’s gluten-free, nut-free AND dairy-free, plus it pairs awesomely with a wide range of other foods.

It has woven itself into the hearts (and tummies) of western culture as the world became a smaller place. As certain cultures immigrated and introduced their favourite cuisines to their new home countries, the existing residents were exposed to foods they may not have experienced before.

Hummus was one of those foods. And the world has wholeheartedly embraced it! They have embraced it so much that huge companies are now making this spread and the general public can pick up a tub of hummus just about anywhere.

Why We Love Hummus

Just because you can buy hummus everywhere, doesn’t mean that you should! Sure, some of those supermarket brands are tasty. But, in order to give them a good shelf life, there are often a bunch of artificial ingredients and preservatives added.

At Kohkoz, we make hummus just like Teta or Yaya used to make. Made freshly on a frequent basis, we are packing our heritage, culture and passion into every tub.

And we want to share that amazing heritage with you!

We stock a great selection of hummus and dips in our online store that can be delivered to your door at any time as an essential item. Our range includes Traditional Hummus, For the love of Garlic, and Smoky Baba Ghanoush. We also stock Golden Falafel and freshly baked Lebanese Pita Bread to accompany your hummus!

Stop your mouth watering (as we know it is after reading about hummus) and shop our selection now.