The 10 Best Ways To Eat Hummus

The 10 Best Ways To Eat Hummus - Kohkoz – Real Lebanese Cuisine

Often in life, the things that are the most delicious also happen to be unhealthy. Things like ice cream, dips, chocolate, lollies, and hot chips are mouthwatering but should only be enjoyed in moderation.

But not every yummy food is bad for you: hummus seems to break all the rules by not only being tasty and moreish, but also great for your body - no moderation required!

Even better, there’s more than one way to enjoy hummus, so you can get your fix every day without getting bored of the same old routine.
If you ever get tired of eating your hummus with some good old pita chips, never fear – there are plenty of other ways to eat hummus that are just as tempting.
Here are our top 10 ways to eat hummus.

The 10 Best Ways To Eat Hummus

1. Jazz Up Your Veggies

Feeling uninspired by your carrot or celery sticks? Need to increase your veggie consumption but not a big fan? Hummus to the rescue!

As a scrumptious savoury snack, hummus will enhance the taste of any vegetable. Turn your capsicums into hummus scoops, dip your broccoli florets, or add some taste to your cucumber with a generous bowl of hummus.

2. Flatter Your Fruit

Okay, veggies and hummus make sense, but fruit and hummus? We know it sounds weird, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. The sweet and salty/savoury mix is a treat for the tastebuds (salted caramel, anyone?)

Start with apple to see how you go, then try mixing dates, strawberries, or even banana – you might be surprised at just how well the conflicting flavours complement each other.

3. Marinade Your Meat Or Veg

Hummus can make for a delicious marinade. Slather it on fish, chicken or tofu before cooking, or cover your veggies with it before popping them in the oven. If you’re a fan of garlic, opt for Garlic Hummus to take your meal to the next level.

4. Slather Your Toast

Avocado isn’t the only thing that tastes fantastic on a thick piece of sourdough bread: hummus was literally created to accompany bread in any form. Try it solo, add it to your smashed avo, or layer it with all your favourite sandwich toppings for a hearty, healthy meal.

5. Make A Creamy Pasta Sauce

Love creamy pasta but want a healthier (or dairy-free) version? Hummus is your friend. Add a dollop of hummus to freshly cooked pasta with a splash of olive oil and salt, and you’ve got a creamy, healthy, tasty pasta dish.

6. Healthify Your Brownies

Satisfy your sweet tooth but give it a protein-filled, healthy boost with hummus brownies! The moisture of the hummus results in a fantastic texture, and you get bonus legumes in your diet – it’s a win-win. (Just make sure to use plain hummus unless you like your desserts with a garlic kick!)

7. Whip Up A Tasty Scramble

Level up your scrambled eggs by adding a spoonful of hummus. This trick works just as well with a tofu scramble for those following a plant-based diet.

8. Add Extra Protein To Your Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a great comfort food option, but they’re not exactly high in protein. Remedy that by including a generous dollop of hummus when you’re whipping them up. You’ll enjoy a richer, more interesting flavour, and some extra health benefits, too.

9. Pump Up Your Soup

Want to make a creamy soup minus the cream? You guessed it; hummus does a fantastic job of adding substance and flavour to a watery, uninteresting soup. Throw a couple of spoon fulls into your favourite vegetable soup for a taste sensation.

10. Make It Mezze

Embrace the traditional Lebanese style of eating with your own mezze meals. These are essentially a selection of small dishes accompanied by generous servings of hummus. Think pita bread or baked pita chips, salty crackers, chopped up carrots, celery, or capsicum. To make it really authentic, add extra dipping options like some Smoky Baba Ghanoush or Toum (a garlic-based dip).

Keen to try some of our favourite ways to eat hummus? We’ve got you covered! Check out Kohkoz authentic, creamy, tangy, and silky smooth Traditional Hummus today.